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Awards of Landscape Excellence - 2017 

This was the first year that we have submitted our work into the Awards of Landscape Excellence. The Moorhead project was over a season in planning. In the spring we met and discussed what the owner wanted and looked at all her options. From there we worked along side each other and made sure everything was to her satisfaction and that it was still within her budget. In the fall we began the construction. There were a few moments where everything became overwhelming for Ms. Moorhead but once the project was finished she was overwhelmed with joy. It was exactly what she wanted and more. We planted some plants that she never thought she would ever own and she just loves spending her time out in her new gardens. 

Readers Choice 2017 


Awards of Landscape Excellence - 2018 
This year we were proud to accept two Awards of Landscape Excellence. We were awarded with the Best Residential Construction Project Under $35,000 and the Specialty Award for Pavers.

Best Residential Construction:
     We were approached by a wonderful client of ours to assist in a wheelchair accessible front entrance as she was in the process of considering house siding renovations. Initially at our first meeting, her wishes were simple, a 5ft wide wooden ramp to the side drive with a wood landing at the top but she was open to suggestions if we had a vision that met her needs. This opened up the door to an endless list of possibilities! Our objectives were to make the wheelchair ramp not look like a conventional ramp entrance, add value to the property, and use products and building techniques that would give her years of worry free results. We wished to provide a slope built to code, add direct access to the front lawn area from the front door (for pets and family members) as well as add colorful visual interest. A pleasing approach was one of the main concerns for the homeowner therefore the sear wall with decorative pillars were added for another height element for usage as well as a great backdrop for the plant material down below. Color tones and scale of the products lead us to using three different suppliers to tie in the overall look we were trying to achieve. By incorporating some tried and tested products we well as some new, like the borealis step, the project has an up to date fresh new look.

Specialty Award for Pavers:

    We were approached for a design concept for this newly acquired summer cottage in the spring of 2016 to follow a structure addition that was to start soon. The homeowner was very open minded  in the design process. His needs were simple,  a general clean out of most of the overgrown areas of the property to make way for new outdoor living areas including a patio fire pit , lower walkout access with connected walkway, new garden plantings and re-purpose the raised vegetable planter’s. This project had numerous add-on features as the project developed so the overall plan developed along with it to what we see here in the completed stage. As the property has great extended views we wanted to remove  the obstructions , create a smooth walkway flow , provide ample seating area for groups and soften with plantings for summer and early fall interest and color as this is the period of time in which the cottage is used the most. 

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